Terms and Conditions

In consideration of the acceptance of my application for entry, I hereby freely agree to make the following contractual representations and agreements. I fully realize the dangers of participating in a race and fully assume the risk associated with such participation, including but not limited to the following dangers: dehydration, heat exhaustion, collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other racers and fixed or moving objects, sliding down hills, falling rocks, dangers arising from other surface hazards, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, weather conditions, animals, the possibility of serious physical and or mental trauma and injury including death, and in the case of a winter race the additional dangers of hypothermia, frostbite, collision with pedestrians, vehicles, and other racers and fixed or moving objects, sliding down hills, overturning of ice-rocks, falling through thin ice, avalanche, dangers arising from other surface hazards, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, weather conditions, animals, the possibility of serious physical and/or mental trauma and injury, including death.

I fully understand the dangers of participating in such a race and I understand that there are more hazards than are enumerated here, and that there are unknown and unforeseeable hazards. I engage in the activity of this race/adventure with knowledge of the inherent risks of injury.
I hereby waive, release and discharge myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assigns and successors in interest (hereafter collectively “successors”) any and all rights and claims which the sanctioning organization, the promoter and any promoting organization(s) and their board of directors, property owners, law enforcement agencies, all public entities, special districts, and properties (and their respective agents, officials, and employees) through or by which the event will be held for any and all damages which may be sustained by my participation in and of association with the event, or travel to or return from the event.

I agree it is my sole responsibility to be familiar with the race course, the rules of the sanctioning body, and the special regulations of the event. I understand and agree that situations may arise during the race which may be beyond immediate control of the race officials, race organizers, or race representatives and I must run so as to endanger neither myself nor others. I accept responsibility for the conditions and adequacy of my equipment and training. I have no physical or mental condition which, to my knowledge, would endanger myself or others if I participate in this event, or would interfere with my ability to participate in this event. I agree, for myself and successors, that the above representations are contractually binding, and are not mere recitals, and that should I or any of my successors assert any claim in contravention of this agreement, I or my successors shall be liable for the expenses (including legal fees) incurred by the other party or parties in defending, unless the other party or parties are finally adjusted liable on such claims for willful or wanton negligence. This agreement may not be modified orally, and a waiver of any provision shall not be construed as a modification of or as a consent to any other provision herein or as a consent to any subsequent waiver of modification.

I understand the risks involved in this race and I have carefully read, understand and voluntarily accept the terms of this waiver and release agreement.
In addition, I agree to pay for damage caused by me to the organizers equipment used in the event. I agree to abide by the rules and conditions laid down for the event and to follow instructions issued by the organizers officials. I understand that circumstances beyond the control of the organizers may cause the event to be modified, postponed or relocated. I accept that the organizers reserve the right to refuse entry from persons considered to have insufficient experience or disqualify those who fail to follow the rules and conditions: ignorance is no excuse. I agree that my name, voice or picture may be used by the organizers and their sponsors for promotional purposes. I confirm that the details written about me on this entry form are true.
I, for myself and my heirs and executors, hereby waive, release and forever discharge Great Wall of China Marathon, Conquer the Wall Marathon, Stone Dragon Marathons, sponsors, promoters and each of the their agents, representatives, successors and assigns, and all other persons associated with the event, for all my liabilities, claims, actions, or damages that I may have against them arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in this event.
I understand that this waiver includes any claims, whether caused by negligence, the action or inaction of any of the above parties, or otherwise.
I understand that the entry fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the above parties to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, website images, recordings or any other record of this event.